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Teddy Roosevelt
Terrier Puppies!!

Call for further information!!

Truffles x Sparky
DOB 7/29/14
2 girls, 2 boys

Skylar x Bear
DOB 8/20/14
2 girls, 4 boys

Once a litter is born, the breeder reserves
first pick of each and every litter,
the litter will be posted and
those on the waiting list will be notified.

These litters are
on UKC registration application!

MAKE SURE, regardless of where you get your next "terrier" type
dog or puppy, ASK your breeder what their PLL status is!!
This is a 100% preventable health issue that can be
completely erradicated via responsible breeders!!

Boys vs Girls
Did you know???
Male pups make just as nice a companion animal as
females, some argue better, they must be neutered
before they reach sexual maturity and if they are,
they always squat to urinate and
don't mark!  The cost is usually lower to purchase and
lower to have them fixed......just an FYI!

To reserve a pup in a specific litter, once they are born,
a $100 deposit is required, puppy selections will be
based on the order that deposits come in.  Your deposit
applies to the purchase price of your furbaby.