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Teddy Roosevelt
Terrier Puppies!!

Call for further information!!

If your on Facebook and interested
in learning more about the TRT breed,
join us to share pics and giggles at
Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Admirers
We are a closed group, just ask to join!!

Pups will be priced from $300 to $450
Standard colors are $300-$350
Dilutes and Rare patterns are $400-$450.

Pup Selection is made in this order:
*Breeder ALWAYS takes first choices!
*Paid Deposits are second in line and
in the order their deposit is received!
*Notify List is notified if any babies remain,
first come first serve!

Below is the list of Deposits that I
have received, once they find their "perfect" pup,
their name will be removed! As deposits arrive,
they will be posted in order of arrival.

*Dyann M: Female, Black Tri PB 3/1/15
*Lee M: Choc Tri Female 8/7/15
*Misty B: Male 8/20/15
*John V: Black Tri Male, Red/White Female 8/27/15
*Georgette, Female, 9/7/15
*Caleb: Dilute Male 10/1/15

Sire Dam Due Date
Birth Date
Colors and Patterns
Brown Sugar Roxie DOB
7 Pups

1 Male and 1 Female
Bear Missy DOB
8 Pups

3 Females and 1 Male Left
Hank Gizzy DOB
6 Pups

1 Female and 1 Male Left
Bear Dixie DOB
4 Pups
1 Choc Tri Piebald Female
and 3 Tuxedo Females
Bear Hotrod Due Date
Nov 1st
All Piebalds
Blues, Pearls, Black & Choc
and a chance of Red and Brindle
Tank Cally Covering
Piebalds and Tuxedos
Chocolate and Black

These litters are
on UKC registration application!

MAKE SURE, regardless of where you get your next "terrier" type
dog or puppy, ASK your breeder what their PLL status is!!
This is a 100% preventable health issue that can be
completely erradicated via responsible breeders AND
breeders that test don't mind proving it!!