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 Hungate Family Farms
Byhalia, MS

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Hungate Family Farms Servicing Bull

Up and coming
HFF Johnny Walker Red
DOB 5/26/13
ADCA 035009
Homozygous Polled
A1/A2, carries dun
Pictured at a year old.

Hungate Family Farms Cows/Heifers
RR Lady
DOB: 1/9/2003
    ADCA 11515
     Long legged, Carries Dun
This cow is available, she has delivered
every year, producing all heifers for Dad
until this year, available after weaning
her 2015 Dun Bull Calf
Windy Hills Katilynn
Carries Dun
DOB 10/5/07
ADCA 020189
Short Legged
Tested PHA Free

DHF Ruby Red
DOB: 2/6/2011
ADCA 026707
PHA/Chondro Free
Red Single Polled
Carries Dun
GPF Cindy
DOB: 7/16/11
ADCA 026840
Red Double Polled
PHA/Chondro Free
Homozygous Dun



GPF Lanie
DOB: 8/15/11
ADCA 026841
Red Horned
PHA/Chondro Free
Homozygous Dun
HFF Maggie Moo
DOB: 6/19/13
ADCA 032511
Dun Polled carries Red
PHA/Chondro Free



Aspen's Lil Red Darlin
DOB: 4/29/13
ADCA 032510
Red Polled carries Dun
PHA/Chondro Free

 HFF Nancy Ann
DOB: 2/8/14
ADCA 035012
Dun Polled carries Red
PHA Free/Short Legged



HFF Shelly Rose
DOB: 3/13/14
ADCA 035013
Dun De-Horned, carries Red
Long Legged

 HFF Mattie Jane
DOB: 6/1/14
ADCA 035010
Red De-Horned
PHA/Chondro Free